We’re currently in active planning mode, starting to organize a series of 2-6 wk adventures that we hope will look something like this…

  • January:  Cuba  – We’ll be joining a 1 wk health care educational exchange, followed by 1 wk of biking in central Cuba – hoping to see the country before things change too much!
  • Feb/March New Zealand – Sam & Abby will be joining us for the first week on the South Island (“How much together time does it take to justify a parental plane ticket?”, they wonder…).  Lee & I will then stay & explore for another 4-5 weeks exploring the rest of the South Island, and then up through the North Island.
  • April: I join a group of Maine friends for a 2-wk rafting trip on the Colorado River through Grand Canyon, while Lee enjoys a few wks of free time and then joins me in Sante Fe for a few days.
  • May: Head to more adventures in South America , starting with a 5d a trip exploring the Galapagos aboard the ship, “Beluga”, then hiking in the Valley of Longevity  (who wouldn’t?!) in Vilacabamba, Ecuador, then off to the Sacred Valley of Peru to hike the Inca Trail up to Machu Picchu
  • June: Back in Maine for our annual adventures (Trek Across Maine, paddling, etc)
  • July: Join our friends Audrey & Paul for a week of biking along the rivers in Germany and hut-to-hut hiking in the Alps, with a detour to Iceland on the way back
  • August: Explore the Canadian Rockies and Pacific Northwest, meandering up to southeast Alaska
  • Sept/Oct: Hoping for some down time (maybe innsitting?) on Mt Desert Island, one of our favorite Maine spots
  • Oct:  Enjoy the green highlands, biking & hiking in Ireland & Scotland
  • Nov/Dec – recover, and prepare for re-entry to real life (and working!) in 2018!

Not sure why Lee seems so nervous…???!

August 2017:  Itinerary Update!  After some additional thinking, we’ve revised our fall agenda slightly:

  • August:  Spent our traditional 2 wks in Rangeley with friends at Saddleback Lake Lodge, then heading out to bike the Cabot Trail around Cape Breton in Nova Scotia for a week.
  • September:  After some additional time in Rangeley (never get enough of that place!), we plan to hike the West Highland Way in Scotland for a week, then spend a week biking in Western Ireland
  • October:  In addition to some serious thinking about getting back to work in 2018 (guess we have to!), we plan to spend at least part of the month living on Mt Desert Island and exploring our favorite places in Acadia National Park
  • November: Back to Portland (that job thing again…!)
  • December: Since Lee says he’s hoping to be back at work by then, guess I’ll just have to go solo for a year-end girls trip to see the Northern Lights in Norway