Lee and I are looking forward to using this blog to share our adventures during our year off in 2017 – i.e. Gap Year for Grown Ups (aka “having physical adventures while we still can”). Inspired by my daughter, Abby, who took a Gap Year between high school and college five years ago (and subsequently a semester off to hike the AT in 2015!), Lee and I decided to leave our jobs at the end of this year to take 12 months off and to have a set of physical adventures.

While the decision to leave our current jobs was a difficult one, it seemed the right time to do it: we’re both incredibly blessed to enjoy good health with no major physical constraints, and after seeing two kids through college (and writing that last tuition check this summer – yahoo!), we realized it would be the perfect time to take a break to step back and reflect, while working down our “bucket list” and exploring the world in a series of walking, hiking, biking, and even some rafting adventures (OK – that’s just me – Lee’s not a fan of fast water!).

Since so many friends have asked to “join Gap Year vicariously”, we’ve decided to do our best to keep up this blog to share our adventures.  Hope you’ll stay tuned!