Biking Along the Danube (aka a Bobsey Triplets Reunion)

While much of our Gap Year to date has been focused on having physical adventures around the world, I was thrilled that this next chapter would be an opportunity to combine biking with a visit with some great long-time friends. As summer students at the Jackson Lab in Bar Harbor way back in 1977, Audrey, Vicki, and I met and quickly became fast friends – dubbed the “Bobsey Triplets” by our fellow students there. Now, a full 40 years, three marriages (just one each – luckily all to wonderful & wonderfully accommodating husbands!), and many kids later, we set off together (and with those accommodating husbands, Paul, Drew, & Lee)…

… to explore a beautiful corner of Germany by biking part of the Danube River bicycle trail from Ulm to Passau.

After joining Audrey & Paul at their home just outside of Frankfurt, the six of us headed out with bicycle bags packed to catch the train to Ulm to pick up the bike path there for the start of the trip.

The stop in Ulm included a visit the cathedral there, known for having the tallest spires in the world.

From there, we made our way along the Danube through the Bavarian countryside, including beautiful farmlands and a series of charming old villages…

..stopping not infrequently to sample the local lunch fare, gelato (happily this section of Germany being close to Italy), and of course, German beer!

The bicycle trails in Germany (this one being the Donau Radweg) are beautiful and incredibly well-maintained, being a frequent vacation outing for families and people of all ages.  The trail often ran right along the Danube…

…and other times wound through farm fields of wheat, barley, and corn…

…while also frequently passing through small towns and mideival villages.

While we spent much of the days riding, we happily also had plenty of time for stops to visit many amazing sites along the way, including many incredible cathedrals…

…as well as two nights spent at working monasteries (complete with biergartens, of course!)…

…and an obligatory stop for gelato –  at least daily.

As with all of our Gap Year adventures to date, Lee and I found ourselves incredibly grateful for a week of beautiful sights, welcoming people, and the physical ability to have this adventure. But this time, we were particularly grateful to share it with great friends.  Thank you Aud & Paul, Vicki & Drew, for a wonderful week, great lasting memories, and for your much- valued friendship!

3 thoughts on “Biking Along the Danube (aka a Bobsey Triplets Reunion)

  1. Kathy L

    This one might be my fave, what a great trip! Made all the more special for sure by sharing it with your old, dear friends!! Love the shirts, well done. Looks like sheer perfection- beautiful scenery, beer, gelato, friends and laughter. Happy for you all!! xo k


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