At-Home Adventures

We were pleased to get back to Maine just in time for a glorious spring after our South America adventures. With just about a month before our next travels, it wasn’t long before we realized there were lots of opportunities for adventures at home – or at least close to it! (rolling stones and all!).

Shortly after getting home, we were thrilled to have the chance to travel to Montreal to see Brin, the son of Beth & Jeff, long-time friends from VT, perform in the end-of-year show from L’Ecole Nationals de Cirque, the national circus college of Canada.   IMG_4734We headed out with friends Lois, Ray, & Minda and made the beautiful drive up through NH & VT to enjoy a wonderful weekend, complete with circus performances by incredibly talented young artists…

….as well as exploring the beautiful city of Montreal with great friends.

We even got to celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary with our friends at a wonderful restaurant in the old city – complete with banana splits at midnight!

From there it was next on to the first annual Letourneau Family Reunion!  Hosted generously and graciously by my twin sister, Linda, and her husband David at their beautiful vacation home in Wolfeboro, NH, it was a wonderful opportunity to get the whole family together outside of the usual holiday rush and enjoy some good old “hanging out” time, complete with plenty of catching up, games of both the indoor & outdoor variety, and of course, Tommy’s famous barbecue,

And of course no family reunion is complete without the t-shorts – in birth order to boot! (sorry to miss you Frank & Abby – we held your places – & your t- shirts – for you!)

From there it was just a few days before Lee & I boarded the bus to Sunday River for the start of the Trek Across Maine, the Maine Lung Assn’a annual 3-day, 180 mile fundraiser ride to promote clean air and fight lung disease & lung cancer.  While the first day dawned a little rainy, we were grateful for a mostly dry ride and the usual excellent support from the Lung Assn staff and volunteers.

After the Trek, we headed to our cabin in Rangeley for a little spring clean-up, and of course, more bike riding (nothing like the ride around Rangeley Lake!).  We managed to dodge the black flies and mosquitoes long enough to enjoy some beautiful views, including the perennial delights of lupines and loons!

And last but not least, I had the great fortune to join my paddling women’s group this week for our annual outing and spent four beautiful days in the Allagash Wildnerness Waterway – a long-held aspiration and fitting destination for our 25th year paddling together!

With the help of Cathy Piffath, our trusty guide from H2Outfitters, we enjoyed the spectacular beauty of this special place, including multiple views of eagles, loons, and even an incredible sighting of a mother moose with her two fuzzy youngsters (estimated to be 6-8 wks old!).

And now that we’re all rested up…(!), it’s off to Germany to spend two weeks biking and hiking with friends, followed by a short stop in Iceland on the way home.  We’re off!

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