Southwest to South America

After happily meeting up with Lee in Flagstaff, AZ at the end of my Grand Canyon trip (luckily, he wisely said he missed me!),  we headed east on Rt 40 to sneak in a quick trip to Santa Fe to visit our good friends, Jim & Kathleen.  While the visit was admittedly much too short (who knew Santa Fe was 300+ miles from Flagstaff?), it was wonderful to catch up and to get even a brief view of Santa Fe and their new life there.

(and for those looking to visit the area, we’d highly recommend “La Casita”, their beautiful guest house available through Air BnB – check it out at La Casita!)

From there we flew south to start our 3wk adventure in South America, starting with a short visit to Quito, Ecuador, our jumping off point for our Galapagos travels.  The city is the country’s capital, home of the equator line, and a bustling city of 3.5 million. With only a day to explore, we greatly appreciated the help of a local guide, Rene, who deftly maneuvered the copious traffic to give us a whirlwind tour from the equator park (“Mitad del Mundo”)…

…through cobblestone streets of the old city to view some of their centuries-old cathedrals…

and the famed “Madonna of Quito” looking over this sprawling city.

Luckily we finished with just enough time to get Lee an Ecuadorian haircut before taking off for our next travels – next stop, Galapagos!IMG_4109

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