Visiting the Coramandel Peninsula

With only a few days left to our NZ travels (it’s amazing how quickly six weeks can go!), we headed north from Rotorua to visit the Coramandel peninsula, a beautiful area of rolling hills and sandy South Pacific beaches at the northwest corner of the North Island.  We headed out early to try our luck at the locally-famous “Hot Water Beach”, a lovely stretch of golden sandy beach known for its hot water springs that bubble into the sand at low tide, allowing you to build your own hot-water spa pool if you time it just right.  Luckily we got there within the recommended two-hour window of low tide, and with the assistance of our handy beach engineer -and a milk-jug shovel- enjoyed a great soak  – until the incoming tide reminded us of the inevitable!

From there it was a short drive to Hahei Beach and a beautiful walk to Gemstone Bay and Cathedral Cove, another gorgeous beach framed by a dramatic stone arch, accessible only by foot or boat.

After a night at a remote B&B at the tip of the peninsula (another great Air BnB spot – we’ve had great luck with that!), we finished our tour of the peninsula with a walk to New Chums Beach, another secluded spot with beautiful stretches of white sandy beach – enough to make us appreciate every minute of late March in the southern hemisphere!

From there, it was time to head over to Auckland (with the unfortunate timing of intercepting the crowds headed to the Adele concert there!) – just one last day before it’s time to catch our flight home.  All good things…!

8 thoughts on “Visiting the Coramandel Peninsula

  1. Flinter, Margaret

    Wow, i continue to be blown away by how intensively you are visiting each of the areas on this amazing trip. I know far more about New Zealand than i ever did before, that S for sure. What’s next ? Are you really coming home ? I figured you were off to another continent next!

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    1. Hey Margaret! Great to hear from you, and glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the blog – it’s been fun doing it! We are really & truly coming home – in the airport as I write now – flight leaves shortly! Though not home for long – I’ll be leaving in another 3wks for my next adventure – rafting the Colorado in Grand Canyon – something I’ve always wanted to do (but never had the time!). Lee will join me after that for a ~4wk trip to Galapagos, Ecuador, and Machu Picchu. Rolling stones & all. Hope you’re doing well!


    1. Hey there! We’re officially back in the states – at SFO now about to leave for Boston – back late tonite. Hope your Spain trip was great as well! Look forward to catching up – will give you a call sometime tomorrow!


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