An Overhead View of the South Island

With full acknowledgement that this one is really a “guest post”, and with many thanks to Keith Chin from Singapore who created this video during his recent visit to the South Island, I wanted to share a link to a short video that was shared with us by the host of one of our recent B&B stays.  Keith was a recent guest of theirs who used a drone to capture many of the sites of the South Island, including several shots of biking the Queen Charlotte Track (per the last blog post).

The video is about 3.5 mins long, and  while we admittedly didn’t do the bungee jumping or kayaking, the scenes are otherwise familiar as many we experienced on the South Island, including the Queen Charlotte Track, Kaikoura, Doubtful Sound,and the Routeburn Track.  I thought it was spectacular, and hope you enjoy it (and thanks again Keith – kids today!):


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