Midd Grad 2016.5

After just getting back from our 2 wks in Cuba, we were thrilled to be joined by a whole clan of cousins, aunts, uncles & friends to celebrate Abby’s graduation from Middlebury College.  The college holds their traditional “Febs” graduation on first weekend of February each year, celebrating ~100 students who start their Middlebury career in the 2nd semester of freshman year (the college taking advantage of space opened up by many students studying abroad in the spring), as well as ~30-40 others who join the Febs class after taking a semester off somewhere along their four years there (as was the case with Abby, having taken off in spring 2015 to hike the Appalachian Trail).

We had a fantastic time celebrating throughout the weekend, from the President’s Reception and a wonderful visit with VT friends on Friday evening (thanks again Beth & Jeff!)..


…through the traditional graduation ceremony at Mead Chapel on Saturday AM.

The most notable tradition, though, was one that may definitely be unique to Middlebury College – i.e. the “Ski-down” in caps & gowns at the Middlebury Skiway a few miles off campus.  Extra-credit definitely goes to the hardy family members & friends who joined this one (~20F, when the sun was shining!) – and we were especially grateful to make the trip before the snow onslaught started!

The whole weekend was a wonderful opportunity to recognize Abby and her colleagues, and to have a chance to celebrate their hard work and study over the past four years.  Now back to Maine to start packing for New Zealand!

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