Biking Day 4 – Trinidad

Today was primarily a rest day, having done a longer ride yesterday and wanting to have an opportunity to explore Trinidad, a beautiful colonial city in Sanctus Spiritus province that’s located south & east of Havana.  Settled by several wealth sugar barons in the 1800’s (and built largely on wealth created by slave labor), the city is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage site with amazingly well-preserved colonial architecture that attracts thousands of tourists each year to its original cobbled streets.

We enjoyed the chance to wander the town and explore the many buildings and museums in the old town center, including listening to more amazing music in the Plaza Mayor and the historic steps leading up to the House of Music.

We were happy to have a break from the sun (our New England bodies being a bit unused to this amount of heat & sun), while still enjoying a beautiful ride at sunset to the beach community just a few miles from the town center – another amazing view of this beautiful country.

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