Biking Day 3 – Cienfuegos to Trinidad

After spending the evening in Cienfuegos -and another amazing meal at a local paladare and the night at a lovely casa particulare (here with our host & driver)…

…we headed out for our longest cycle to date – just over 50 miles to Trinidad.  Luckily we were riding between the Escambray Mtns to our left and the Caribbean coast to our right, giving beautiful scenery on both sides and some of our best views of the Cuban countryside to date.

Along the way we got to have lunch at another amazing paladare (amazed to find linen tablecloths in the midst of dusty roads, rustic homes, & horse-drawn carriages), and got to sample the local fruit at two of the many roadside stands.  In addition to an abundance of bananas, coconuts, mango, papaya, and pineapple, we got whole new experience with “mouth pineapple”, “pear-apples”, and others I can’t even name (just praying none would trigger Lee’s kiwi anaphylaxis – so far so good…!).

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