Can Take the Boy Out of the ER…

While I’ve been energized by the amazing stories about Cuba’s primary health care system, the highlight of the trip for Lee to date clearly was the opportunity today to learn about their emergency medical system.  Our visit to their local EMS-equivalent today was like putting a duck into water – language differences not withstanding!

While there were some striking differences (including their rescue units being staffed primarily by ED docs and nurses), the Cuban system had many striking similarities to the US EMS system, and the team seemed as eager to learn about our system as we did about theirs.  If it weren’t for lunch, I’m not sure we would have got Lee out of there!




2 thoughts on “Can Take the Boy Out of the ER…

  1. Allyson Gottsman

    While we love to see what a great time Lee is having, and enjoy Lisa’s commentary, how about a picture or two of Lisa once in awhile… ? Just for posterity, mind you; we haven’t forgotten you ….yet…


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