Gap Year 2017 Begins!

After years of anticipation and months of planning, it’s almost hard to believe that Gap Year 2017 has actually begun.  I wrapped up my role at Maine Quality Counts last week, and while I think I’m still somewhere on the spectrum between denial and acceptance, I’m undeniably excited about the promise of adventures in the year to come. Lee still has 3 shifts to go, but we took advantage of the holiday weekend to to kick off the new year at one of our favorite spots on earth – our cabin at Saddleback Lake Lodge in Rangeley.   Two feet of new snow luckily arrived just before us, and we welcomed in the new year with gratitude for our family, friends, good health, and our incredible good fortune to have this opportunity stretched out ahead of us.  We’re looking forward to taking a breath for a few days before we head off on our first adventures: a quick trip to NYC, then our departure for Cuba in a few weeks.  We’re off!!

3 thoughts on “Gap Year 2017 Begins!

  1. Ellen B. McDermott

    We are all going to live vicariously through the two of you, so keep us posted on this fantastic adventure!!!!! My only regret is that I’ve lost my Dumpster Diving buddy for a year…..well, sorry Lee, but I guess that just means more Dumpster stuff for me! Oh, I can just hear Lisa screaming for joy right now!!!!
    Safe travels, be safe, keep in touch, and know how deeply loved you are!!!!!
    El & Crew


  2. Bon Voyage, Adventurers!
    Have a wonderful “adult gap year!” Looking forward to when your travels bring you here to Santa Fe this spring! Can’t wait to hear about Cuba, New Zealand, the Grand Canyon and more! Safe travels! Jim and Kathleen


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